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Thin Under Tile Heaters for Bathrooms

Thin Cable Mat under tile heating mats for bathrooms are designed for installation directly under the tile floor, embedded only in the tile adhesive - no screed cover is required. If you are searching for under tile heating for living rooms, browse category In Screed Heaters for Living Rooms

For installations into shower floor areas, despite our cable conforming to IPX7 rating (sealed waterproof), installation of any 230V appliance or outlet in a shower wet area (in Australia) is not permissible according to AU/NZS Wiring Standards, with the exception of 12V appliances. Although some promote the installation of 230V systems into shower wet areas based on IPX7 rating, your local electrical inspector will confirm such practice is illegal.

NOTE Thin Cable Mat can be DIY installed but must be commissioned (connected) by a licensed electrical contractor & connected to a Thermostat & an RCD to comply with current AS/NZS 3000 wiring regulations.

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